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#2 Dad
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for the most part, i still read my friends page, but my posting is done on vox. you can go there and read my posts directly, or you can add my livejournal syndicated feed of my vox posts at voxevinx

C'mon Pops...you really thought you'd make a better Chocolate and Peanut Butter cereal than Reeses? Really?

sometimes i forget that no matter who i am, who i am searching for, who i wish to be
that the only person i ever wish to be, the only person it matters that i am
is a father.

So I got approved on a place.
It may not seem like a big deal to you, or something that would be that big of a deal to me.
The place is kind of crappy and shady. Its nothing special. A "cozy" townhome apartment. I'm not buying a house, just renting a place. So what's the big deal, right?
The big deal is that at 32 years old, this will be the first time in my life I have ever lived alone. Of course I'm not truly living alone, I'll have my boys at least 3 nights a week. However, I've always lived with another adult. Someone else to take care sending off bills and filling out paperwork, etc. Someone else to provide couches and furniture, or help make decisions on how the place should look, or be cleaned, etc.

So now I'm getting my own place with no one but me and my boys to decide how it'll be run. I have little to no furniture or silverware or pots and pans or other things that one might expect to have accumulated by this point in life. This puts me in a happy position. One of my current philosophies is that I will only buy things that I love. So when I get a couch, it'll be the one I really want, not something I get from a friend or yard sale, but something that really represents me and my boys.

Of course our first decision is that the living room should be sci-fi themed. With that in mind I set out to find how we were going to pull it off. I think I did it thanks to Bova Furniture. Here's what we have in mind...

Then in front of it will be...

On the side or from behind the couch will be...

And to top it off, for the televisions (i recently got a 42" HDTV that I hope will fit in this)...

Omy sent this to me today. Its too awesome to pass up.
We want to get this for Kai to wear to daycare...
(but really, i love his daycare)

Michael Jackson is guilty!
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I just went through some recent friends entries and removed some friends. First off, if I removed you, I apologize. Its just that I never really got to know you, and while I wanted to, I never really did. I've read your posts, waiting for something to come along for me to comment on, but I never really did. You'll comment on mine sometimes, but its generally general. I've kept you on my friends list for so long because I always thought there was going to be a time where we could get to know each other better, but then we didn't. While I am getting online more now with my new job, I am going to have more time to read and communicate with my journal community...but not that much time. So I have to make some cuts. Nothing personal, you're all great people, we just never really bridged that gap.

Some people I've left on, those that I never really made that connection with, but I'm still hopeful. Some who I haven't connected with, but I find your posts valuable for information or entertainment reasons. Some who I'll probably later remove but you haven't posted recently so I haven't noticed you. Some who I left on because I think you used to have another username and changed it (this is my biggest fear since I know at least one person who used to post entries I really enjoyed has since changed their name and I can't remember for sure what the new name is).

Anyway, that's it. So, good luck to you, hope we find each other another time.

Does anyone else find it odd that LiveJournal's spell checker doesn't have the word LiveJournal in it...and neither does the inline spell checker.

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