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#2 Dad
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#2 Dad [userpic]
Ok! Ready! Go!

I updated the search functionality. I added the ability to search just the subjects, entries or currents. I also made it so that anyone with paid accounts can use it. here's the code to add it to your journal or whatever:

Note: Change your username to where it says "CHANGE TO YOUR USERNAME".

<form action="http://www.robohouse.com/lj/search.php" method="get">
<input type="hidden" name="action" value="search">
<input type="hidden" name="user" value="CHANGE TO YOUR USERNAME">
search my last 50 entries<br><input type="text" size="25" name="search">  
<select name="field">
<option value="all">All</option>
<option value="subjects">Subjects</option>
<option value="entry">Entries</option>
<option value="currents">Currents</option>
<input type="checkbox" name="strict" value="1"> Match exact word
<input type="submit" value=" search ">

It will look like this:

search my last 50 entries

Match exact word

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man, i've wanted to be able to search my lj for a loooong time. you're a champ.

except...how about being able to seach more than 50 entries back? if that means a lot of server load, i'd be happy to just put the code on my own box...

i'd be adding that to my lj if my account weren't expiring in 2 days.
you may have just given me enough reason to renew.

aw, you mean supporting livejournal (your main reason for using the computer besides email) isn't enough?

nice icon btw ;)

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does it need to be in the style overrides? or can it live on your profile page?

it can be in your profile page. in fact, a lot that i've seen are on profile pages. i dont think it can be in the overrides at all. i think they made the overrides strict. only allowing code that would normally be found before the BODY tag in an HTML page.

Why did you block free users from using it? Got something against us?

i didn't block anyone from using it. its how livejournal works. the only practical way i could think of doing it is by using a custom style to format a page that I could split up to do the search. livejournal doesn't allow free users access to custom styles. nothing personal. if i could do it another way, i would.

HI. This is good stuff.

I'm looking for a certain entry from last year. I have a search word, but I have no idea what date it was. Any way to search that far back?

unfortunately, it can only go back 50 entries as it is now. there's a way to make it search back to 75, but I haven't done it yet. So unless you only update your journal a once a week or so, i don't think it'll be able to help you find that post :( sorry

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Can this be modified to work for deadjournal?

This would be great fun if it were modified for my deadjournal. Could that be arranged? Thanks.

I found the link to your code by looking at the source code on this user info page. I noticed though that his search box looks a tad bit different than the one I get using the code you provided in your entry. Is the any way to alter it to where it looks more like the code on the page I linked to, or even where the search box and all the other fields are on the same line? I just think that looks a little bit neater (yes, I'm a neat freak).

Whatever your answer is, I thank you for sharing this with us. My best friend has been looking for a LJ search tool like this for some time.


to get it all on one line, remove all line breaks in the code. livejournal turns the line breaks in the code into HTML line breaks. So just make it all on one line and you should be fine. Hope that helps :)

Cool Beans... But...

Why can't free users use it? I'm a broke poet... :-)

Re: Cool Beans... But...

sorry...not much i can do about it. in order to seperate the data from a journal into something i can search through, it uses a custom journal style and livejournal has it set so that only paid accounts can use custom journal styles.

as a note, you only have to be a paid user to have it search through your journal. a free user can use it to search through paid user's journals.

In. Gen. Ius. =)

this is nifty.
does it only work with public entries?

very cool. thank you.

question: is there a way to switch to case-insensitive?

Re: very cool. thank you.

i think as long as you don't check Match Exact Word, it wont be case sensitive.

A quick word of thanks!

*salutes appreciatively*

If I ever go to Phoenix (probability: 1%) then I'm buying you a $BEER.

Oh, cool search engine! (I gakked it from bellacrow and traced it back to you.)

I tested a small modification of the input code here.

props on the

I just wanted to give props to both you two for this bit of code. I don't even remember how I found my way to this journal, but I'm glad I did.... thanks.

Have you considered releasing the source (so your server doesn't get all the load?) For instance, I'd love to use this, but I would want to be able to format my output page...

Hmmm... this page has inspired me to look up a method of searching old entries. I think I'll write something tomorrow that will search given a month and year using the form at:

Hi. :) I've been wanting a tool like this, and I'm grateful that you made it, but it's not working right for me. When I search for a word that I *know* I've mentioned, no results come up. When I just hit "search" and don't put any criteria in, 42 entries show up (shouldn't it at least show 50?). I'm confused. I copied it right.


one reason may be that you have most of your entries as friend's only. it can't search through friends only or otherwise protected entries.

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