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#2 Dad
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#2 Dad [userpic]
so long friends i never really got to know and now probably never will

I just went through some recent friends entries and removed some friends. First off, if I removed you, I apologize. Its just that I never really got to know you, and while I wanted to, I never really did. I've read your posts, waiting for something to come along for me to comment on, but I never really did. You'll comment on mine sometimes, but its generally general. I've kept you on my friends list for so long because I always thought there was going to be a time where we could get to know each other better, but then we didn't. While I am getting online more now with my new job, I am going to have more time to read and communicate with my journal community...but not that much time. So I have to make some cuts. Nothing personal, you're all great people, we just never really bridged that gap.

Some people I've left on, those that I never really made that connection with, but I'm still hopeful. Some who I haven't connected with, but I find your posts valuable for information or entertainment reasons. Some who I'll probably later remove but you haven't posted recently so I haven't noticed you. Some who I left on because I think you used to have another username and changed it (this is my biggest fear since I know at least one person who used to post entries I really enjoyed has since changed their name and I can't remember for sure what the new name is).

Anyway, that's it. So, good luck to you, hope we find each other another time.



you're always golden. you should know that.