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What does it take to change the essence of a man?

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#2 Dad
2 April 1975
I think writing a bunch of great things about myself here would be really egotistical.

So instead, here's a bunch of great things about me that others have said:

"xevinx is the best dad on the net. Also a pretty cool lj friend. I wanna be like him when I grow up."
- nancymccoydfw

"xevinx is a golden god with a rad t-shirt."
- pluvia

minty fresh

"xevinx is a multifaceted designer and developer. most importantly, xevinx is an idea man. he puts the think in thinktank. he puts the inta in intaviewed. he is always searching and seeking for new ideas and fresh ways to approach his work.

some of his more notable acheivements include:
this awesome tetris icon, one in a series
the best styles that lj has to offer (opal, component, the boxer)
the infamous robot test
fathering 2 children
oh yeah, that podcast thing.

xevinx has changed my life, literally! he can do the same for you."

- sholanda

"xevinx is cooler than ice and hotter than satan."

- moredarker

"xevinx is the only person on LJ with a condom-head! Kudos to him!"
- jellyrose

If you would like to add a testimonial, go here.

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